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Television review June 12 - 18 - 2016

My Giant Life 2x2 - it is so weird this is a show! It's even weird that people want to watch it.  So Haleigh's dad was right her husband is a big loser!  She can work 3 jobs, but his lazy ass can only handle a part time job!  She's out doing manual labor and he's watching the game with his buddies.  He's to old to be acting like that!  If he's in his 30s he should have a real job or be a real man and get out there and take care of business.  WHAT A LOSER!  Her dad was right and you know that poor girl knows it now. I wonder what will happen.  Will she stay together with him, will he stop being such a loser, will she ended up pregnant and tied to him forever, will her dad decide to have him killed!  The options are endless, and I can't wait to see what happens.  Now lets talk about Lindsay, that bitch is nuts!  I didn't realise from the previous season that she giggled that much.  I did like how she got really drunk and freaked out on her boyfriend.  (On another note I saw her on another commerical not to long ago.)  I think they spent to much following her because it was rather sad and depressing.  Now on to the one I forget her name, the german one.  She seems quite rude to her wife. I don't know if it's the culture thing or if she's just a bitch.  I liked how she told their friends about her wifes mental illness.  I thought that was uncalled for.  Now on to CoCo.  I don't like CoCo's hair they way she's doing it.  I like it better straight.  I do like CoCo because she's seems the most normal out of the bunch on this show.  That little dude that's wanting some action is kinda creepy.  I wonder if they will end up together.

MV5BZmM2MDg3ZTctNmE4My00YmZjLTkyZGEtODZkMDU4ZjQ3ZDM2XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTExNDQ2MTI@._V1_UY268_CR9,0,182,268_AL_Unreal 2x 1 & 2x2 - I've never really been into watching dating reality tv.  I never understood the appeal of it.  What I like about this show is it's showing is what we all imagine a dating reality show is like. They edit out all the boring shit and make this crazy show that no one can believe.   I hate Chet and wish he would have stayed off the show, but alas they need that extra drama.  I wonder why they don't get a man that wants to be on the show instead of these assholes who think they are to good to be on the show.  Obviously you've made poor life choices that you can't find a wife!  I understand why the girls sign up because OMG they are going to meet prince charming and the bacholors are all so wonderful and treat the women oh so wonderful.  All ya got to do is whore yourself out and play sloppy seconds to some bitch you hate.  It sounds like a great deal right?

MV5BMTYxODQ0MTA5MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODM5MTY3NjE@._V1_UY268_CR1,0,182,268_AL_Preacher 1x3 - I REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW!  When i saw the trailer for this show, I knew i would love it.  This episode was about Jesse discovering his new power,  Tulip wanted to get her revenge, and two crazy dudes trying to kill Jesse.  I guess that's really all to say about it.  I like Tulip, she has such a mouth on her!  I hope they go into what their relationship was before Jesse became a preacher man.
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TV Me: Supernatural

What the fuck is wrong with the creators of supernatural? I'm sick of them killing my favorite characters! I'm still wishing they would bring Cass back & now they are killing bobby FUCKING HELL! I hate these bitches!
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Book it: Rita Webb - Tears

Rita Webb - Tears

What it's about - This book centers around Lelea and her quest to save the people of her world. Lelea is batshit crazy and she is a deadly assasin. She was created to be like the perfect soldier and to enforce what Father General wants. A dragon from the past talks to her and puts her on a quest to save her people. The dragon tells her what she needs to do to get stuff back on track.

Thoughts on the Characters:

Lelea: Her character starts off really great, but as the book goes on it just seems like she gets annoying. I like that her being the main character she is all self sacrificing and not all poor pititful me like most main characters in ya books are. I didn't however like how she got all weepy for the world towards the end. I guess thats why they called it tears cause she kept crying! haha

Jadon: I liked how even thought she is this perfect robot soldier she is still a kind person. I don't think she would have been if Lelea wasn't her sister or perhaps she would have been since they are like both clones or soemthing. I like how her character became more like likable as the story progressed.

Aren: I liked him better at first after he got dragoned he kinda turned into a little bitch.

Jaak: If this had been a movie Jaak would have been the most logical character to die. The only feelings I had toward this character was pity. At first I thought that the author would do some kind of love triangle between him, chester, and jadon but that didn't happen.

Chester: What a bitch! I think Lelea should have killed her in the begining of the book. She was selfish and not very likable. I don't know why they chose to make her pregnant either I guess the sequel is in the works.

Sum it up: This book started off really good. I'm not much for sci-fi type books, but I enjoyed about the first half. The longer the book went on the less I started to like it. The book was divided into six books (more like sections cause the book wasn't long enough to be divided into six books). I wondered why this book was divided like that I guess so the author could get her stories strait but I didn't really like how the book was divided. I would recomend this book if you liked young adult and sci-fi. I don't think someone who didn't like ya books would enjoy this book though.
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Book it: Janet Evanovich - High Five

Janet Evanovich - High Five

What it's about - The bounty hunter business is slow so Steph goes after a little guy who is only worth 70 bucks. She ends up being inlisted to help find her uncle fred, and she also decides to take odd jobs from Ranger. Poor Steph is a trouble magnet so of course its full of fun shit happening. Also psycho Rameriez from the first book gets let out of jail so she has to worry about him too.

What I liked about it: This lady that wries these books is crazy. i've always wanted to be friends wtih a hooker, a transvestite, and a midget and Steph gets all that and more! I love in this book how she lets Randy live with her. I love how she takes her granny with her & all the adventures they have.

Character thoughts:

Steph: As always she gets into lots of trouble and manages to catch her man and solve whatever mystery. I love how she just has no sense of well being. She just goes full frontal into danger without much thought then she worries about it later.

Grandma: I think she steals the book again. I love how she zapped the dad! I think that was one of the best parts "what's this do" and down he goes! No wonder the dad hates her that old bitch is CRAZY. I love how she is willing to do anything and is always wanting to help her granddaughter do bounty hunter stuff. I'm also suprised that the funeral homes let granny disaster into the funeral home cause she is always causing trouble! Taking pictures of dead people is so wrong.

Lula: She is great as usual. I like the idea of a big gal wearing spandex and neon colors! She is a great friend to Steph, and it's so much fun to read when she goes out and helps Steph on one of her missions.

Ranger: I like how we get to find out a little bit more about him in this book. I think it just makes me that much more curious.

Randy: Randy is awesome. He said some of the funniest lines in the book. It was hiliarious the part about telling her that her hair or whatever would be a form of birth control or something like that (I should have wrote it down cause i don't want to go back and look for the quote). I really hope they bring back Randy in a future book.

Bunchy - I liked Bunchy too. It was hilarious when Lula detained him by making out with him. I think it would be awesome if Lula got a boyfriend named Bunchy.

Sum it up: This book series is great! I can't wait to start the next one. This book was funny and it had everything I like in a book except like paranormal shit.
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Movie Madness: Shark Night 3D

what it was about: These college kids go out to a lake house owned by one of their friends. Unfortunately for these college kids, some asshole put sharks in the water. These sharks have a taste for human flesh so they decide to eat some college kids (YUM).

What i liked about it: Donal Logue & Sara Paxton were in it! It actually wasn't to bad towards the end with the whole I'm gonna make money off showing sharks eat people angle. I guess it will teach Sara paxton to try to kill people in the water cause they will turn into a psycho asshole who like kills people with sharks and stabs his friend!

What I didn't like about it: Well, it wasn't very good really.

Sum it up: It's a T&A horror movie (with no nudity) so what should you expect?
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Movie Madness: Jack & Jill

what it was about: Some asshole's sister comes to visit her twin brothers family for thanksgiving. They get into a fight so the twin sister decides to stay for awhile. The asshole needs Al Pacino to do a commercial to keep his big account and lucky for him Al Pacino has a thing for men in drag.

what i liked about it: David Spade in drag! Every movie should have David Spade in drag! It was also really funny. It had tons of fart jokes & bathroom humor so of course it was hilarious. They had an Indian kid in it too and he was awesome! He said some funny stuff! The dancing sequence with Al Pacino was hilarious too. I didn't even know Al Pacino could dance.

What i didn't like: Why does Adam Sandler have to be a dick in most of his movies?

Sum it up: It was funny! Go see it
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Tv Recap: mostly older shows

Breaking Bad 4x10 - What is wrong with the mom? She is such a bitch! She buys a boy a pt crusier! He is already handicapped does she want him to get ridiculed for driving a granny girl car too? No wonder he isn't excited about that. I'm glad the chicken man grew a pair and killed those bitches down in Mexico they totally deserved that from previous episodes. Also with the stupid mother, why would she think that guy would pay off his taxes? He was a cheat then why would he handle his business now? Poor naive Skyler.

Once upon a time 1x2 - I really like this show. I do wonder how they will be able to continue it through more than one or two seasons. I don't think it would be interesting to watch if it just kept dragging on. Oh Snap! Giancarlo Esposito was in it! It's kinda funny cause I've never seen him in anything except breaking bad & here he is in this show right after I watch breaking bad. Apparently he has been on a bunch of stuff though I guess i just never noticed him. The Evil queen sure is a bitch for killing her dad! Then she names her son after him that's totally fucked up! I wonder if the kid is supposed to really be the dad that's how he knows whats going on? I guess we will find out later on. Jennifer Morrison sure does look old! She was really pretty in house and now she is just old looking. I also loved that Kristin Bauer (aka Pam from True blood) was in it. She plays wicked bitch great!

NCIS - Poor Ducky! He's got shit taste in women. I knew she was crazy after like not very long or whatever. I'm glad they let ducky have an episode or at least be in it more. I miss the good old days when he played more of a part than here lately when he's more in the background.

Breaking Bad 4x11 - WOW. Amazing episode! Why did i get behind on this show! I can't believe those bitches left mike! Or even with as bad hurt he was that jesse had to drag him in there. Jesse is quite stupid though everyone manipulates him.

Breaking Bad 4x13- OMG HIS FACE! Awesome episode. I can't wait to see what they will do next season.

Happy Endings 2x2 - Funniest line was about them getting out of the dresses. It's funny how crazy Jane & Brad are they are perfect together. Only Jane would be dumb enough to try to reclaim her egg baby! Penny & Alex were annoying this episode why would adults want to be friends with high school kids? I have no idea either. Max is still super annoying. I don't know why any of them are friends with him either.

Harry's Law 2x1 - What? I guess I don't remember what happened on the season finale. How come Mark Valley only plays lawyers? It's weird. I also liked Alfred Molina. How bitch was Jean Smart? She is as old looking as Kathy Bates! BITCH PLEASE! How can someone sue over a stupid painting. What the hell? I don't even know if I want to contiue to watch this it's to lawey now.
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TV Recap

Supernatural 7x - Another great episode! I really want to become a fake psyhic wouldn't that be a great job? How about Ellen coming from beyond the grave to threaten to kick Dean's ass? Awesome! The granddaughter chickie looked a lot like Beth, I wonder if they will bring her onto another episode since her and Dean had a thing. I also can't wait until next weeks episode looks great! Sam never gets any action (or at least not much and it's always with crazy bitches).

Community 3x5 - I totally loved the deans costume! He is such a freak. Wow, Britta is a terrible story teller! Annie is a freak her story was gross! hahahaha Anyways, this episode kinda reminded me of the golden girls you know when they would sit around the table and reminise I always hated those epiodes. Troy & Abed sewed together!

Community 3x6 - Funny lines! Stop putting gay things in my mouth! hA It's kinda rapey! ha Rainbow, Bitches! ha I throw a pretty gay party! ha Breathe print approved! ha Dude just told his dead dad to suck it! ha

I'm not sure I get the whole Troy plumber thing it's kinda weird and not in a good way. Pierce's father looked younger than him. The ending was great too i love senior chang.

Beavis & Butthead 9x2 - I loved that when they were making fun of the pregnant teenagers. He was like oh this is real she's not a bad actor she's a bad person! lol & That guys looks like he is stupider than us! (on another note why would anyone want to be on 16 and pregnant). After seeing Mr. Anderson, I sure miss king of the hill.

South Park 15x12 - What the fuck is wrong with Cartmen? He is crazy! I don't even know why they would even be friends with him. I don't even know if I should feel sorry for him or what. He is a sad mean little shit & crazy to boot.

Glee 3x4 - what the hell is wrong with these people at that school? That poor new kid. I know he talks funny & he is goofy looking but shit! that sunkissed leathery skin! hahaha best line in the show! What exactly is up with Finn? lurking in the background and getting all jealous of Blaine. Blaine is way hotter and sings better get over it! So I'm kinda getting tired of Sue trying to ruin the glee club. It's starting to just get old. Why can't she just get over it they aren't hurting her. Why does blaine always sing songs by girl pop stars? Don't get me wrong I like it but still can't he sing anything else?
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Book it: Janet Evanovich - One for the Money

what it was about: Stephanie Plum has lost her job, sold all her stuff, and is desperate for a job. Her mom suggests she go to her cousin Vinnie for a filling job, but it turns out that position has already been filled. Then Connie his secretary suggests she become a retrieval agent and so there she goes. She is looking for this dude she use to have a thing with. She taunts him by stealing his car & she has a lot of fun getting shot at and toting around naked grampas, but she catches her man and collects her money.

what i liked about it: It was really fast paced. I read it at work in a night and still had time to start the next one. I liked the characters and it was funny.

what i didn't like about it: It was like so unrealistic nobody is that lucky!

thoughts on the characters:

Stephanie - I think all and all she was very likable. I think she was incredibly stupid and like had no value for her life however. I guess that changed when she got shot at, but still how can someone go into a profession like that without being prepared. Her whole taunting Joe was stupid too cause he could have been the bad guy too.

Joe - He's a jerk. I don't know if i like him or not. I kinda don't.

Ranger - He is awesome. I just don't really understand why he is helping her out though. What does he get out of it? He should be her love interest!

Grandma - How awesome is she? I love how old people can say and do what they want and nobody even cares or gets offended (well except maybe the daddy).

Vinnie - I really hope they tell about the duck in a later book cause I'm curious.

Connie - I wish her character was in it a little more she seems really "neat."

Lula & Jackie - I love how she befriended some hookers. I've always wanted to be friends with some hookers and this just gave me some hope! haha

Sum it up: I will defiantly be reading more of these books. I don't really see how she can go on so long for what seventeen or however many books but I know for a fact I will read a few more at least.

The movie:

So I'm a Katherine Heigl fan & I'd heard about the movie being made so I decided I would read the book. I'm glad I did! I'm not sure after reading the book that I would have pictured any of the actors they got to play the characters in the movie. That's the trouble with reading a book then seeing a movie you picture different people or actors in the roles. The trailer looks super funny though so maybe it wont be a disappointment.