Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

Book it: Janet Evanovich - One for the Money

what it was about: Stephanie Plum has lost her job, sold all her stuff, and is desperate for a job. Her mom suggests she go to her cousin Vinnie for a filling job, but it turns out that position has already been filled. Then Connie his secretary suggests she become a retrieval agent and so there she goes. She is looking for this dude she use to have a thing with. She taunts him by stealing his car & she has a lot of fun getting shot at and toting around naked grampas, but she catches her man and collects her money.

what i liked about it: It was really fast paced. I read it at work in a night and still had time to start the next one. I liked the characters and it was funny.

what i didn't like about it: It was like so unrealistic nobody is that lucky!

thoughts on the characters:

Stephanie - I think all and all she was very likable. I think she was incredibly stupid and like had no value for her life however. I guess that changed when she got shot at, but still how can someone go into a profession like that without being prepared. Her whole taunting Joe was stupid too cause he could have been the bad guy too.

Joe - He's a jerk. I don't know if i like him or not. I kinda don't.

Ranger - He is awesome. I just don't really understand why he is helping her out though. What does he get out of it? He should be her love interest!

Grandma - How awesome is she? I love how old people can say and do what they want and nobody even cares or gets offended (well except maybe the daddy).

Vinnie - I really hope they tell about the duck in a later book cause I'm curious.

Connie - I wish her character was in it a little more she seems really "neat."

Lula & Jackie - I love how she befriended some hookers. I've always wanted to be friends with some hookers and this just gave me some hope! haha

Sum it up: I will defiantly be reading more of these books. I don't really see how she can go on so long for what seventeen or however many books but I know for a fact I will read a few more at least.

The movie:

So I'm a Katherine Heigl fan & I'd heard about the movie being made so I decided I would read the book. I'm glad I did! I'm not sure after reading the book that I would have pictured any of the actors they got to play the characters in the movie. That's the trouble with reading a book then seeing a movie you picture different people or actors in the roles. The trailer looks super funny though so maybe it wont be a disappointment.

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