Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

TV Recap

Supernatural 7x - Another great episode! I really want to become a fake psyhic wouldn't that be a great job? How about Ellen coming from beyond the grave to threaten to kick Dean's ass? Awesome! The granddaughter chickie looked a lot like Beth, I wonder if they will bring her onto another episode since her and Dean had a thing. I also can't wait until next weeks episode looks great! Sam never gets any action (or at least not much and it's always with crazy bitches).

Community 3x5 - I totally loved the deans costume! He is such a freak. Wow, Britta is a terrible story teller! Annie is a freak her story was gross! hahahaha Anyways, this episode kinda reminded me of the golden girls you know when they would sit around the table and reminise I always hated those epiodes. Troy & Abed sewed together!

Community 3x6 - Funny lines! Stop putting gay things in my mouth! hA It's kinda rapey! ha Rainbow, Bitches! ha I throw a pretty gay party! ha Breathe print approved! ha Dude just told his dead dad to suck it! ha

I'm not sure I get the whole Troy plumber thing it's kinda weird and not in a good way. Pierce's father looked younger than him. The ending was great too i love senior chang.

Beavis & Butthead 9x2 - I loved that when they were making fun of the pregnant teenagers. He was like oh this is real she's not a bad actor she's a bad person! lol & That guys looks like he is stupider than us! (on another note why would anyone want to be on 16 and pregnant). After seeing Mr. Anderson, I sure miss king of the hill.

South Park 15x12 - What the fuck is wrong with Cartmen? He is crazy! I don't even know why they would even be friends with him. I don't even know if I should feel sorry for him or what. He is a sad mean little shit & crazy to boot.

Glee 3x4 - what the hell is wrong with these people at that school? That poor new kid. I know he talks funny & he is goofy looking but shit! that sunkissed leathery skin! hahaha best line in the show! What exactly is up with Finn? lurking in the background and getting all jealous of Blaine. Blaine is way hotter and sings better get over it! So I'm kinda getting tired of Sue trying to ruin the glee club. It's starting to just get old. Why can't she just get over it they aren't hurting her. Why does blaine always sing songs by girl pop stars? Don't get me wrong I like it but still can't he sing anything else?

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