Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

Tv Recap: mostly older shows

Breaking Bad 4x10 - What is wrong with the mom? She is such a bitch! She buys a boy a pt crusier! He is already handicapped does she want him to get ridiculed for driving a granny girl car too? No wonder he isn't excited about that. I'm glad the chicken man grew a pair and killed those bitches down in Mexico they totally deserved that from previous episodes. Also with the stupid mother, why would she think that guy would pay off his taxes? He was a cheat then why would he handle his business now? Poor naive Skyler.

Once upon a time 1x2 - I really like this show. I do wonder how they will be able to continue it through more than one or two seasons. I don't think it would be interesting to watch if it just kept dragging on. Oh Snap! Giancarlo Esposito was in it! It's kinda funny cause I've never seen him in anything except breaking bad & here he is in this show right after I watch breaking bad. Apparently he has been on a bunch of stuff though I guess i just never noticed him. The Evil queen sure is a bitch for killing her dad! Then she names her son after him that's totally fucked up! I wonder if the kid is supposed to really be the dad that's how he knows whats going on? I guess we will find out later on. Jennifer Morrison sure does look old! She was really pretty in house and now she is just old looking. I also loved that Kristin Bauer (aka Pam from True blood) was in it. She plays wicked bitch great!

NCIS - Poor Ducky! He's got shit taste in women. I knew she was crazy after like not very long or whatever. I'm glad they let ducky have an episode or at least be in it more. I miss the good old days when he played more of a part than here lately when he's more in the background.

Breaking Bad 4x11 - WOW. Amazing episode! Why did i get behind on this show! I can't believe those bitches left mike! Or even with as bad hurt he was that jesse had to drag him in there. Jesse is quite stupid though everyone manipulates him.

Breaking Bad 4x13- OMG HIS FACE! Awesome episode. I can't wait to see what they will do next season.

Happy Endings 2x2 - Funniest line was about them getting out of the dresses. It's funny how crazy Jane & Brad are they are perfect together. Only Jane would be dumb enough to try to reclaim her egg baby! Penny & Alex were annoying this episode why would adults want to be friends with high school kids? I have no idea either. Max is still super annoying. I don't know why any of them are friends with him either.

Harry's Law 2x1 - What? I guess I don't remember what happened on the season finale. How come Mark Valley only plays lawyers? It's weird. I also liked Alfred Molina. How bitch was Jean Smart? She is as old looking as Kathy Bates! BITCH PLEASE! How can someone sue over a stupid painting. What the hell? I don't even know if I want to contiue to watch this it's to lawey now.

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