Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

Movie Madness: Jack & Jill

what it was about: Some asshole's sister comes to visit her twin brothers family for thanksgiving. They get into a fight so the twin sister decides to stay for awhile. The asshole needs Al Pacino to do a commercial to keep his big account and lucky for him Al Pacino has a thing for men in drag.

what i liked about it: David Spade in drag! Every movie should have David Spade in drag! It was also really funny. It had tons of fart jokes & bathroom humor so of course it was hilarious. They had an Indian kid in it too and he was awesome! He said some funny stuff! The dancing sequence with Al Pacino was hilarious too. I didn't even know Al Pacino could dance.

What i didn't like: Why does Adam Sandler have to be a dick in most of his movies?

Sum it up: It was funny! Go see it
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