Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

Movie Madness: Shark Night 3D

what it was about: These college kids go out to a lake house owned by one of their friends. Unfortunately for these college kids, some asshole put sharks in the water. These sharks have a taste for human flesh so they decide to eat some college kids (YUM).

What i liked about it: Donal Logue & Sara Paxton were in it! It actually wasn't to bad towards the end with the whole I'm gonna make money off showing sharks eat people angle. I guess it will teach Sara paxton to try to kill people in the water cause they will turn into a psycho asshole who like kills people with sharks and stabs his friend!

What I didn't like about it: Well, it wasn't very good really.

Sum it up: It's a T&A horror movie (with no nudity) so what should you expect?
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