Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

Book it: Janet Evanovich - High Five

Janet Evanovich - High Five

What it's about - The bounty hunter business is slow so Steph goes after a little guy who is only worth 70 bucks. She ends up being inlisted to help find her uncle fred, and she also decides to take odd jobs from Ranger. Poor Steph is a trouble magnet so of course its full of fun shit happening. Also psycho Rameriez from the first book gets let out of jail so she has to worry about him too.

What I liked about it: This lady that wries these books is crazy. i've always wanted to be friends wtih a hooker, a transvestite, and a midget and Steph gets all that and more! I love in this book how she lets Randy live with her. I love how she takes her granny with her & all the adventures they have.

Character thoughts:

Steph: As always she gets into lots of trouble and manages to catch her man and solve whatever mystery. I love how she just has no sense of well being. She just goes full frontal into danger without much thought then she worries about it later.

Grandma: I think she steals the book again. I love how she zapped the dad! I think that was one of the best parts "what's this do" and down he goes! No wonder the dad hates her that old bitch is CRAZY. I love how she is willing to do anything and is always wanting to help her granddaughter do bounty hunter stuff. I'm also suprised that the funeral homes let granny disaster into the funeral home cause she is always causing trouble! Taking pictures of dead people is so wrong.

Lula: She is great as usual. I like the idea of a big gal wearing spandex and neon colors! She is a great friend to Steph, and it's so much fun to read when she goes out and helps Steph on one of her missions.

Ranger: I like how we get to find out a little bit more about him in this book. I think it just makes me that much more curious.

Randy: Randy is awesome. He said some of the funniest lines in the book. It was hiliarious the part about telling her that her hair or whatever would be a form of birth control or something like that (I should have wrote it down cause i don't want to go back and look for the quote). I really hope they bring back Randy in a future book.

Bunchy - I liked Bunchy too. It was hilarious when Lula detained him by making out with him. I think it would be awesome if Lula got a boyfriend named Bunchy.

Sum it up: This book series is great! I can't wait to start the next one. This book was funny and it had everything I like in a book except like paranormal shit.

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