Cassie (space_geek) wrote,

Book it: Rita Webb - Tears

Rita Webb - Tears

What it's about - This book centers around Lelea and her quest to save the people of her world. Lelea is batshit crazy and she is a deadly assasin. She was created to be like the perfect soldier and to enforce what Father General wants. A dragon from the past talks to her and puts her on a quest to save her people. The dragon tells her what she needs to do to get stuff back on track.

Thoughts on the Characters:

Lelea: Her character starts off really great, but as the book goes on it just seems like she gets annoying. I like that her being the main character she is all self sacrificing and not all poor pititful me like most main characters in ya books are. I didn't however like how she got all weepy for the world towards the end. I guess thats why they called it tears cause she kept crying! haha

Jadon: I liked how even thought she is this perfect robot soldier she is still a kind person. I don't think she would have been if Lelea wasn't her sister or perhaps she would have been since they are like both clones or soemthing. I like how her character became more like likable as the story progressed.

Aren: I liked him better at first after he got dragoned he kinda turned into a little bitch.

Jaak: If this had been a movie Jaak would have been the most logical character to die. The only feelings I had toward this character was pity. At first I thought that the author would do some kind of love triangle between him, chester, and jadon but that didn't happen.

Chester: What a bitch! I think Lelea should have killed her in the begining of the book. She was selfish and not very likable. I don't know why they chose to make her pregnant either I guess the sequel is in the works.

Sum it up: This book started off really good. I'm not much for sci-fi type books, but I enjoyed about the first half. The longer the book went on the less I started to like it. The book was divided into six books (more like sections cause the book wasn't long enough to be divided into six books). I wondered why this book was divided like that I guess so the author could get her stories strait but I didn't really like how the book was divided. I would recomend this book if you liked young adult and sci-fi. I don't think someone who didn't like ya books would enjoy this book though.

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