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TV Recap

Grimm 1x1 - I had been looking foward to this show & I wasn't disappointed. I have a feeling it's going to be cancelled though. It just has that feel to it that it could be great if anyone would let it. I don't really like the cloak and dagger bullshit though just tell me about whats happening instead of making that dude figure it out. Bald granny has game too! She kicked her some ass or at least tried to.

Beavis & Butthead - My initial thought was OMG the upity fans are going to be mad that they stooped to making fun of twilight! hahaha I thought it was hilarious I can't wait for the next episode. Although, I didn't like how they made fun of jersy shore (yes i know it should be made fun of at all costs) instead of music videos. They are supposed to just make fun of and comment on music videos. I know what videos does mtv play now days.

Happy Endings 2x1 - I watched the entire first season of this movie during the summer no good tv on mostly break. I don't ususally like sitcoms, but this show is really funny. I love how they have Jo from scrubs who was like a mean bitch playing this miss perfect fix it girl. Anyways onto the episode I just watch, I just love how the fat chick (or at least i think she's fat) gets so easily side tracked to feel sorry for herself. Its also funny how needy the gay one is. He gets himself some fake friends just to make the other guy jealous. I do wonder why the black guy decided to do this show instead of stay on the new girl. While I don't like the new girl, i figure it will make a longer run on tv than happy endings even though happy endings is like WAY funnier.

The Walking Dead 2x3 - You know the bitch wife is right why would they want there child to live in a world like that? The world will only get worse not better and with him dead at least they wont have to worry about the fate he could end up having. That poem was awesome too! I like how that Daryl hillbilly is becoming a "real person" or at least not a ranging asshole like he was in the first season. He saved that black guy that he blames for his brother and hes actually looking to find that little girl. And wow what an asshole for getting Pruitt Taylor Vince killed what a bitch! Wow, I didn't like that guy to begin with but what a bitch move! I hope he dies a slow painful death.

Dexter 6x5 - What's with Mos Def's character? He is kinda a lot of creepy. I actually think they should have made the murderer or whatever Mos Def he is more believeable than Colin Hanks. I also have to state that I love Vince! Why can't it be the Vince show! Oh snap I can't believe they they tried to kill Brother Sam! Bitches.

American Horror Story 1x5 - I love this show it's so fucked up and I don't really know what is going on but i just can't keep from watching it. I wonder if that boy has a sixth sense thing going on where he doesn't know he's dead or he just didn't remember he was bat shit crazy and killed a bunch of people.

Grey's Anatomy 8x8 - So how funny was the heart in a box thing? I think it's funny the mark/avery thing too the PLASTIC POSSE hahaha. It's totally cute. And I'm kinda wishing Teddys husband would just die I don't like that guy! And he's like on everything. I also think if they are going to bring back George's mom why didn't his brothers make an apperance? They were there when daddy died and stuff it just seems crazy to think they wouldn't be there for their mom!
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Book it: Amanda Hocking - Hollowland

Hollowland (the hollows 1) by Amanda Hocking

what it was about: This girl goes across contry to find her brother. They live in a quarenteen that gets invaded by zombies. the brother is evacuated and the girl goes to find him with another girl she lived with in quarenteen. They meet two guys and a lion along the way and decided to team up. They meet a religious cult and a group of gun toating killers along the way, but they finally make it to the other quarenteen where they are holding her little brother.

what I liked about it: Ripley! How awesome is a zombie killing jungle cat?

what i didn't like: Why the hell would she sacrifice herself if she didn't have to? This was the biggest problem I had with this book the ending. I know it's a trilogy, but still why didn't she just take her brother and run? How hard would it be to disappear in a world like that? I think it would be very easy. I guess she is right that they would come after them, but what makes her think that two guinee pigs aren't better than one and that they would leave her brother alone? She is just a teenager but still you would think she would think about that! I also thought why the hell would she want to leave Harlow to that cult! How obvious is it with a guy living with a bunch of girls that he is using them for his sex slaves? I guess in a world with no rules it's okay to leave a thirteen year old to a monster as long as he could take care of her. I guess her priority was mostly her brother, but it takes one cold bitch to even consider that a possibility for someone she is supposed to care about!

predictions for the next book: She will go through the experemints then You know she is going to end up pregnant, and lazlo and harlow are going to break her out. She will decided she doesn't want to subject her unborn baby to that.

Sum it up: I know from my gripes above it doesn't sound like I liked the book, but I did enjoy it. I always tend to focus on the stuff I would change...
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Movie Madness: Day of the Dead, A Haunting in Salem. & Dead West

Continuing with the Halloween theme.

Day of the Dead:

what it was about: Zombies, Bitches! The army is like in it and they got some sick people in a town. I don't know what it was about!

What I thought: I was like wow I saw an advertisement for a new zombie movie on Scyfy with Ving Rhames so I was like I"m going to watch me an old zombie movie with Ving Rhames. So, I wonder why they didn't keep Ving Rhames as a pet zombie like they did the geeky guy? Vegetarian my ass, He wanted some braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnssssssssss!

Sum it up: It was okay.

A Haunting in Salem

what it was about: This family moves to salem. The dad is like a sheriff or something that came off a break down for what i don't remember. I guess the house is haunted or cursed or something and it makes the daughter crazy and the daddy gets mean and slaps his son (because he's a little bitch).

what i thought: Okay, that hair was soo gross! I know people loose hair down the drain, but that wasn't there hair she should have been wearing gloves or something! The guy that's the star or whatever is creepy. Plus his wife is to hot for him. What the fuck is wrong with the mother? The daughter pushes her husband off the roof and she runs up there like she didn't do it! Then the dumb bitch calls in her son to get killed to what a great mom! I guess you can say the house or ghost or whatever called him up but I still say it was the shitty mother. I really just don't like the mom all she did was whine. And then Daddy dearest doesn't even care his son is dead he is all worried about his wife or whatever! Then instead of die like the little bitch he is he stabs his daughter so she dies (or does she)! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

Sum it up: Well, I think it could have been a good movie with a better script and better actors. As it stands it was kinda boring plus that daddy character was creepy to look at which may have been the point anyway.

Dead West aka Cowboys & Vampires

what it was about: Some washed up actor was working for a movie studio (dunno why they called it that) and they put on westerns for people to watch. A new guy buys it and then they do a night show with and they turn one of the women into a vampire and they try to kill everyone in the end.

What i thought: Wow, I thought it was terrible like ten minutes in yet I continued to watch it. It didn't get any better either.
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Movie Madness: The Hike

what it was about: It was about this group of girls who go camping and then they meet some "hot" guys. They become friends then those dudes try to kill & rape some bitches.

What i thought: It was okay. I think I've seen this movie before only it was different story. I kind of hate when horror movies let you believe that some one is going to escape yet the one that escape often ends up dead even though they let them make it until the end and then someone unexpected killed them. This movie had no survivors really except the bitch at the end who wasn't even in the movie until the end. It makes me wonder could you be married to a serial killer or rapist and not know it? Some poor beat up woman runs for help and excuses your husband of hurting her who would you believe? I also liked that this movie was British. I always like when they talk all funny (hahaha). I also wonder why a bunch of women would go off into the woods by themselves with no protection of any kind. Why wasn't one of those bitches carrying a gun? Maybe because they were in England but still people are nuts and you know how many horror movies involve camping in the woods? Well, it's enough for me not to ever want to camp in the woods. I also liked the movie poster which of course is the only reason I watched in other than I'm also love shitty horror movies.

Sum it up: well the ending wasn't happy unless the wife had some good insurance on her husband!
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Movie Madness: Wrong Turn 3 and 4

Since Halloween is right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to watch stupid horror movies. I was at wal-mart the other day and saw the movie Wrong Turn 4. I was like shit when did they make a fourth one? I have seen the first two, but I didn't know of a three and now a four. So, I decided to watch 3 & 4. Isn't it funny how the number gets higher & the actors get worse.

Wrong Turn 3

What it was about: Who knows? People getting killed by a monster that's a hillbilly.

What I thought: she got shot in the boob! OMG That will teach that whore to take her top off! Do you realize how sharp something would have to be to cut someone in half like that? How unrealistic! So if you were trying to break someone out of prision why would you totally wreck the shit out of the vehicle they are in? I mean what's the point in killing the person they are trying to rescue or whatever? (I do realize that it was the crazy hillbilly who ran them off the road, but still ive seen other movies where they wreck the vehicle transporting the criminal) And when they cut off the legs of that guy that got killed dont you think it would be a little harder to cut off someones leg?? I do! Isn't it amazing how hard it is to kill a psycho killer? And OH SNAP to the ending.

Sum it up: It was stupid of course!

Wrong Turn 4

what it was about: This one takes place in a mental institution. And it has psycho children who eat their own hands since they can't eat other peoples hands! GROSS. This group of people come to it after like a bunch of years and the children eat them!

What i thought: Well this one had more nudity in it than the one before & it was grosser. Okay, why did those dipshits not kill the things? Oh we are so humaine and then we end up dying these people are real smart! Wasn't that ending a Bitch! haha
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TV Recap

Grey's Anatomy 8x7

Just another annoying episode to upset me, I guess. I really don't understand why the people around Meredith offer her such loyality. Why was Alex going around and trying to get her adopted kid back?? She doesn't need a child she's crazy! She can't even take care of her self. They work to many hours to raise a child! The show is not any better when they add children to the mix anyway, look at the whole Callie/ Mark baby drama WHO CARES??? Have they really ran out of other story lines they could go into? Is it just a logical step to move towards having children and what not?

Breaking Bad 4x9 (I've been catching up on this one)

Kill the chicken man already? Why does Walt think it's okay to ask Jesse to kill him? Can't he see how killing that other guy effected him? Does he just not care? Why is Skye wanting to be apart of the whole money laundring thing? Why have they been showing us back story on the chicken man? Am I supposed to feel sorry for him and want him to become a central character? I just don't get it!

American Horror Story 1x4

OMG! Sylar was on it! Why did they cancel Heroes? Bitches! This episode was kinda awesome. I guess that answers my question about the crazy mother and daughter being dead since they killed the daughter.
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TV Recap - Thoughts on this weeks episodes

Supernatural 7x4 - I thought this episode was going to be awesome with the Buffy alum in it, but seriously it was lacking in the awesome. I guess this goes to show why spike and cordi haven't been working cause they aren't very good actors!

House 8x3 - I liked the rivalry going on between the girls, and of course house was just awesome how he managed to manipulate the rich girl into paying to get his car fixed. I'm not sure whether to be sad or not of thirteens departure I'm leaning towards not.

Dexter 6x3 - I can't help but that Deb is just part of some big joke. I guess that's obvious anyway, but It's kinda sad cause she really thinks that she was picked cause she is good. Wow, that old man was such an asshole but I was kinda sad when Dexter didn't let him get the notoriety he wanted. Serial killers need to be named so people can have closure!

The Walking Dead 2x2 - I love that Pruitt Taylor Vince was in it! That's about all i liked I really hate the wife of the main character I wish she had of got shot or bit by a zombie! She is such a bitch.

Once Upon a Time 1x1 - Well, I liked it, but I don't know if it's going to last. It seems like it's going to be one confusing mess like lost or something.

The Mentalist 4x6 - This episode was okay I guess. I don't know if they aren't focusing on red john drama it's kinda boring.

Grey's Anatomy 8x6 - Poor April why can't she pull a George? I know that's mean, but she is annoying. I guess she is better this season though. Her love sick puppy following Derek around was pathetic. I wish Miranda would get that bug removed from her ass. I don't like Meredith either, but apparently everyone else on the show does.
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Movie Madness: Paranormal Activity 3

The Trailer:

what it was about: Who knows what this movie was about? I just know that it was a prequel to the first two movies. I guess it showed how the girls got "haunted" or whatever...

What I thought: Well, I think this movie had bigger scares than the other movies. The anticipation of whatever scary was going to happen well it happened in this one. I actually kinda like this movie. I also was wondering why this trailer had so many scenes that weren't in the movie? What the hell? I guess it made it more scary cause you didn't really know what was going to happen?

Trailers before the movie:

The Woman in Black

wow that looks good

The devil inside

wow looks scary!
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Tv me: yeah...

Grey's Anatomy 8x5

Wow, I really like Avery's mom. I kinda wish they would bring her on as a regular! Poor April is so akward, but I really like her alot now. I use to hate her character. She was sad and awful now not so much. What the hell is wrong with Bailey? She dumped Eli??? Why??? He's cute she couldn't do that good in real life even though I love her.

Supernatural 6x3

Well, Sam & Dean are back to semi normal. No Levaithan in this episode which I think they were more interesting that this episode. I've never been a big fan of Jo anyway so her revising wasn't that great of a treat. Out of all the people that have died on the show why did they pick her to point fingers at dean. It wasn't his fault she died. Her mom should have been the one on it to accuse him because she's the one that killed herself to stay with Jo but oh well...

Suburgatory 1x3

Well, It just looks like it's good, but i'ts really not very good. It had it moments of funny, but overall it's just not that great.

2 Broke Girls 1x4

WOW, I love this show. How hilarious was them walking around with all the furs on on the subway! I just love the boss man. Talking about courgars and what not! One last thought: THEY ALWAYS INVENTORY THE FURS BITCH!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Community 3x4

Well, I just had a nervous bake down. So what's up with Britta this episode? She's acting weird or i guess high! I'm so totally over Jeff/Annie I liked Jeff/Britta better. I also loved the ending where Evil Abed & Evil Troy!!!

New Girl 1x3

Best episode so far. I wasn't going to give it another shot, but I'm glad I did. The dance off with the little boy. Her screaming at Schmidt to help him get her shorts off. Hilarious. Caroline is totally ulgy too!
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TV Me: thoughts on tv shows for this week

House 8x2

Well house is out of jail! YAY! I'm totally not like that little asian chick. She was annoying in paper heart and anything else i've ever seen her in. I'm trying to block her out of my mind her voice is sooo awful! WHY OH WHY did they pick her to be on the show? I thought that Odette whatever was joining the cast? Did they say she was I acutally liked her character. I really do hope they bring back Chase & Taub too. I can do without thirteen she's kinda of a downer and I definatly could do without Wilson. Wilson just about sucks all the life out the show!

Dexter 6x2

This episode of Dexter was way better than last weeks episode. I love that they brought in Mos Def! I'm hoping maybe they will make him a regular instead of kill him like Dexter was originally going to do. I have a feeling he is going to catch him doing something bad and kill him though. I think it was quite a bitch move on Debs part by taking away Angel's position. The boss man only let her have the position because he wants her to fail! It will look bad on LaGuerta. Sometimes I wish they would kill of Laguerta like they did in the books! She is alright some episodes, but mostly she's just a huge fucking bitch! And of course Deb did another bitchy thing when she turned down Quinn. I don't think she's capable of doing better considering she likes serial killers and criminals!

American Horror Story 1x2

Another great episode. This show is just really great! I hope it stays on and gets renewed.

NCIS 9x4

OMG!!!! ABBYS IS ADOPTED! I love this show.

Whitney 1x3

Who is the Whitney person? I don't think she's very funny yet I've watched three episodes. This has probably been the best episode! I thought the sponge bob sweat pants was kinda funny! I also liked the gay grandpa thing. I also thought when he was talking about chinese food was funny. It sounded like he he was channeling the principal for south park mmm kay.
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